One of the easiest ways for businesses to save money is to make the switch from paper towels to electric hand dryers. This is particularly the case for larger companies with greater numbers of employees and staff bathrooms.  You wouldn’t expect a single paper towel to break the bank, but when hundreds of employees are using them on a consistent basis, and then the expenses can quickly add up – and eat into your profits.

On average, we normally require two or three paper towels when we’re drying our hands. Most workplaces will have invested in the lowest quality of paper towel, with the ironic justification that it will save the company money. However, these savings are lost when it takes several of these thin and flimsy paper towels to actually dry our hands. On the other hand, electric hand dryers are designed with maximum efficiency in mind. From the shape of the air flow to the temperature of the air, electric hand dryers are far more quick and efficient than their paper counterparts. This means less waste, and therefore less expense to the company.

Aside from saving the money which would otherwise be spent on thousands of paper towels, installing an electric hand dryer can also reduce the host of other costs which can accumulate from using paper towels in the workplace.

How many times have you walked into a washroom, only to find the paper towel dispenser empty and the bin overflowing? Cleaning staff will be more than capable of tidying such mess on a daily basis, but such tasks will take up a lot of extra time – which they will need to be paid for. As well as changing the paper towel dispenser and bin bags, maintenance staff may have to deal with waste paper scattered across the floor, and even blockages in the waterways. None of this is possible with electric hand dryers, meaning you could greatly reduce the workload of your maintenance staff – and save money in the process.

On top of this, an electric hand dryer is less likely to require expensive and time-consuming repairs. It’s no surprise that a hand dryer costs a lot more than a paper towel dispenser, but the much sturdier unit is far less likely to be damaged – either accidentally or by a vandal. On the other hand, a paper towel dispenser can be ripped off of a wall with next to no effort. Not only does this inconvenience your other staff or customers, but it also affects your company’s reputation.

Just by making the switch from paper hand towels to an electric hand dryer, you could make considerable savings on the everyday running of your business.

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