Hand Dryers for Schools

Why education building should should change from paper to hand dryers.

In lessons, children learn the scientific reasons behind helping the environment: the consequences of pollution and landfill waste, the importance of sustainability, the creation of fuels and the origins of energy. Outside of the classroom, children can put these teachings into practice – turning off lights, recycling appropriate materials, and walking or cycling to school when possible.

However, there’s more that schools can do to iSchool puilsmplement these teachings, and to support what children are learning within the walls of the classroom. Transforming the school into an energy saving and waste reducing building has a monumental impact on both the surrounding environment, as well as the habits of pupils and staff alike. Alongside energy saving light bulbs and a reduction in energy use, one small change around the school can make a large difference: using hand dryers in washrooms.

As paper towels can’t be recycled, they end up being taken to landfill sites. These are a growing concern to the country’s environment, as they continue to increase in size and volume.  A WRAP report on waste in schools found that 1.56kg of paper towels were used by each student per year in primary school, and 0.6kg per pupil, per year in secondary schools. This number quickly adds up, and is an unnecessary waste of resource. This non-recyclable waste is not only a drain on school funds, but also on the environmental footprint it leaves on the country.

Making the change from paper towels, to hand dryers for schools will have a dramatic effect on the impact schools have on the environment, due to the sheer number of pupils and staff that will no longer need to dispose of unrecyclable waste. Not only this, but hand dryers are 98% cheaper than the use of paper towels: hand towels are used once, and then thrown away, whereas hand dryers are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative. With models available that run on a low-energy input, running costs are kept low too.

With the development of new technologies, not only are hand dryers more cost effective and eco-friendly, but also more hygienic. These advances have resulted in changes to the shape of the model and the way air is propelled, to create a new range of dryers that blast cool air out at a higher speed, drying hands quicker, and reducing the spread of off-cast water.

Finding a reputable hand dryer supplier for schools will ensure that all needs are met: from size to style, the dryer can be chosen to match specifications exactly. Models vary between high-speed blade hand dryers, to hand dryers that cover up smells and release fragrances into the washroom.