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Fast high speed eco friendly

Wednesday, 20 August 2014 14:47:58 Europe/London

The Importance of Eco Friendly Hand Dryers

If you're in charge of setting up public facilities then you need to consider the hygiene of the people that are going to be using these. Rest rooms can be designed in all sorts of ways to suit the needs of people using it, but one thing that needs to be top of the list is how

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people are going to wash up afterwards before they leave.

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Eco Friendly Hand Dryers

Sunday, 8 June 2014 12:14:17 Europe/London

Commercial Hand Dryers For Your Washroom

There has long been a debate over whether paper towels or an electric hand dryer is the more environmentally friendly choice for businesses. They both use natural resources for their continued operation, the only difference being that one needs paper and one needs electricity. However, if we look a little deeper into the environmental impact of the production and running of both solutions, it becomes fairly easy to draw our own conclusions.

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Hand Dryer Calculations *Hand dryness is subjective and differs from individual to individual and your washroom conditions. Bremmer hand drying calculations are based on intensive real life testing.