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Hand Dryers for schools

Cheaper than paper with approx 98% saving... Average running costs for a secondry school PER YEAR per Annum is: AIRjetblade: £295.23, . AIRjetblast: £295.23, AIRblast : £322.41, AIRtwister £415.51, AIRtwister UV Executive £415.51. Average running costs for a primary school PER YEAR is: Smiley: £114.00 per Annum. YES! that's hand drying cost for the whole school per year. FREE costing specific to your school on request


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  1. Bremmer Smiley

    Bremmer Smiley

    Ideal hand dryer  hand dryer for Schools,Pre School / Nurseries or Play Groups, due to lower noise than jet hand dryers.This hand dryer has a fast dry high speed motor drying your hands in 10 -15s. Powered by an eco’ energy saving motor. Using the latest technology to dry your hands with air,  rather than slow evaporation that's used by traditional hand dryers. Attractive, functional, modern sleek design for even the most discerning of washroom users. Average cost per average infants school to run is £437.38 per year ...Yes that's hand drying throughout the whole school regardless of how many hand dryers you run. Cheaper than paper with approx 98% saving. FREE costing for your specific school on demand.
    Model:  B502B
    FREE 5 Year Warranty

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    Generic Lo-cost Twin Blade

    Our Most Affordable Blade hand dryer and easily our popular model. Slim, ultra-modern design

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  3. hand dryers

    Bremmer AIRblast Dryer

    Xlerator style cover made with high quality anti-vandal stainless steel and built using Bremmer premier quality components allowing us to give a lifetime warranty, with low noise level for its class.  This hand dryer, is the ultimate ultra-fast hand drying system. The dryer literally atomises the water off of your hands in seconds with an ultra fast 360km/h blast of air. Complete with UK power line for easy installation and FREE lifetime limited warranty.
    Colours Available: Stainless Steel, Black, Red and White
    Model: B2008
    FREE Lifetime UK warranty
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  4. airblade

    Generic Twin Blade

    Our Affordable Blade hand dryer and a popular model. Slim, ultra-modern design, delivering super-fast drying times of less than 10 seconds Innovative technology ensures a noise rating of less than 70dB Automatic operation and fast cut-off for the most efficient use of energy.
    FREE 5 year warranty


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    Bremmer AIRtwister Prima

    These Bremmer blade hand dryers, with  muliple jets on each side of the blade, blasting past each other at a combined 648 km/h it dries in seconds. Includes antibaterial coating and HEPA filter. Built using Bremmer premium components. It also has a viewing window on the reservoir so it can be visually checked if its full (so it doesn't overflow).   Its revolutionary design relies on heating air with or without the use of a heating element (dependient on how warm your bathroom is)   and on a sensor on each blade to track precisely when hands are inserted or removed in the blue dry zone.
    Size: 685 H 300 W 220mm D,
    CE Certificated.
    Colours Available: Silver Grey or White   
    SPECIAL ORDER ONLY: Black, Red, Purple  
    FREE Lifetime UK warranty
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  6. B2030 UV Executive

    Bremmer AIRtwister-UV Prima

    With hand UV Sterilization, HEPA filter and  Exclusive Design  Patent The Bremmer UV Executive Blade creates Low Noise (70Db) This Energy Saving Hand Dryer has 14 X Powerful Jets blasting at a combined 425 MPH.  Intelligent automatic Eco' temperature control,  Unique Efficient airflow system generating massive high-speed airflow, Energy saving Digital Motor (10 year lifespan in normal use ). Sterilization indicator, hygienic no cross-contamination, efficient antibacterial filter, ergonomic design, hands placed naturally between the blades this unique design stops water from exiting the machine. Maintenace filter Indicator. Easy fit UK power line and wall  fixing kit.
    Size: 300×215×700mm. CE Certificated
    FREE Lifetime UK warranty 

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Hand Dryer Calculations *Hand dryness is subjective and differs from individual to individual and your washroom conditions. Bremmer hand drying calculations are based on intensive real life testing.