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Washroom Supplies UK

Washroom Supplies UK

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  1. Replacement Initial PHS Cannon Kennedy Cotton Cabinet Roller Towels

    Replacement Initial PHS Cannon Kennedy Cotton Cabinet Roller Towel

    Cotton Cabinet Roller Towel Size| 40m Length - 27cm Learn More

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  2. mini jumbo toi;let roll dispenser

    Mini Jumbo Stainless Steel Toilet Roll Dispenser

    Bremmer Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser

    Fits Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls 2.25 inch - 150m 2ply, packed in 12 rolls per case our most popular mini jumbo washroom dispenser.
    Brushed stainless steel mini jumbo dispenser, with a paper tearer. The dispenser cover is hinged from the bottom with the lock located at the middle. Each unit incorporates a key locking mechanism. A variety of paper cores can be accommodated from 60mm up to 76mm. Maximum roll size 220mm.
    Thorough locking technology to ensure your dispenser is protected at all times and the replacement of toilet rolls has never been easier.
    Manufactured from recyclable materials that will never rust. Ideal for high traffic environments such as cinemas, universities, schools for  anti-vandal dispensers.
    Buy a long term solution to your washroom needs.

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  3. urinal screen

    Pack Of 10 Urinal Urinals Screens Mats Deodourizer - Blocks Replacement

    Washroom Urinal Deodoriser Lemon Fragrance 30 DAY Odour Control  (each individually wrapped)
    non-flammable,environment-friendly Urinal mats are specially engineered and impregnated with deodorizing compounds that are 200 percent stronger than traditional, vinyl urinal screens.
    Extreme flexibility allows the urinal screen to fit snugly on any urinal and the screens collect debris to stop it clogging up the drain.
    Unlike Urinal cakes and blocks... which will eventually clog up your drains; needing an expensive plumber call out.
    Design also offers a citrus-based fragrance, nonslip finish and anti-splash texture to prevent cross-contamination.
    Urinal screens are safe to handle and designed to last 30 days.
    Size: 17.5x17.5 cm
    weight: about 52g each Material: Soft EVA (won't crack,chip,peel or break)
    Ideal for most mens washrooms
    Stock Code: B409

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  4. sanitary bins

    Sanitary Bin

    This Feminine Hygiene Sanitary Bin is extremely slim, elegant and easy to empty. Its large volume capacity of 20.5 litres, extends the time between emptying- thus reducing costs. It has a gloss finish which is resistant to regular cleaning and wear and tear or loss of brightness. Available in white and grey and. The contemporary design offers a stylish solution for washrooms and is designed to fit into narrow cubicles.Fits any washroom.

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  5. liquid soap dispenser stainless steel

    Bremmer Liquid Soap Dispenser Stainless Steel

    Bremmer Soap Dispenser for quality washrooms
    Ideal for soap/shampoo/conditioner in your washroom
    Push-button operated
    Fill-Level indicator
    To refill, hinged lid opens to top fill and dispenses 1 ml each time
    Capacity: 500ml, 800ml, 1000ml
    Stainless Steel            
    Luxury mirror finish

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  6. Toilet Bowl Clip, Air Freshener

    Toilet Bowl Clip Air Freshener Commercial - Eco friendly (Box of 10)

    Active 30 days 24/7.
    Eco friendly commercial and domestic toilet bowl clips, freshener has up to 50 times more air freshening power than  most other toilet bowl fresheners and it keeps working for a full 30 days.
    Combats odours.
    Will not dissolve in, or pollute water!

    Unlike rimsticks and other toilet-bowl-based air fresheners that are activated by liquid. The toilet bowl eco clip is activated by ambient airflow and it discreetly clips to the outside of the toilet bowl. When it’s time to change the air freshener, you don’t have to reach into the bowl and handle anything unpleasant or wet. The Eco Clip can also be attached to the tops of restroom partitions or to the sides of toilet tanks to combat odours. As fragrance evaporates, the clip shrinks, so you don’t have to worry about it getting loose or falling off.

    Versatile; used in many toilet and non-toilet areas to combat odours. Great for ladies restroom. Environmentally friendly. Material: Soft EVA  (won't crack,chip,peel or break) The toilet bowl eco clip doesn’t dissolve when wet and it doesn’t pollute the water, and 100% recyclable and complies with VOC requirements in  Europe and  North America, 

    Ideal for toilets in: The Home, Shops,Offices.Restuarants, Pubs, Clubs or anywhere toilet odours are an issue.

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  7. AIRpure hand dryer perfume gel

    AIRpure Perfumed Gel Insert 10 Pack

    10 Pack AIRpure Perfumed Gel Insert for the AIRpure Hand Dryer. Learn More
  8. Baby changing unit Style One

    Baby Changing Station

    Baby changing Station unit horizontal style, manufactured to European and British safety standards with a modern stylish appearance, simple to use, with an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria . Provides a safe, convenient and sanitary platform for changing nappies. With concave shape providing a deep area for infant to lay, plus adjustable PVC coated safety strap.

    Ideal provision for baby changing facilities in hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, swimming pools and in other public places who wish to be baby and parent-friendly. Any organisation or business that has babies visiting their premises now recognise the importance of providing quality infant facilities as part of their duty of care.

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  9. Urinal Water Saver - Mains or Battery

    Urinal Water Saver - Mains or Battery


    Reduced metered water bills:  can save up to 90% on your water bills. Full payback is typically seen within 12 months of purchase..
    Adjustable economy settings: Cycle time, from triggering to the end of the flush, may be set to 20, 30, 40 or 60 minutes. A maintenance flush occurs every 8, 12, or 24 hours, timed from the last flush.
    Fully automated: Using a  PIR sensor, the unit monitors the room and operates only when required. A hidden manual flush button can be used to start an extra flush and to check the battery state.
    Complies with legislation: Installing this unit complies with ‘The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999’. The valve used is WRAS approved. and  is also listed on the Governments water technology list (WTL).
    Proven reliability: Since 1991, thousands supplied to schools, restaurants, pubs, offices, factories, power stations etc. In fact, we know of original units installed in 1992 still on the go today!  battery packs are guaranteed to last a minimum of 3 years.
    Technical support: Free technical support is available by phone or email.

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  10. automatic tampon towel vending machine

    Automatic Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

    The Autovend vending machine has  a tough and slim design, making it suitable for smaller  washrooms. Products are dispensed automatically once  the correct  coins  have been  inserted. The Autovend is available  in a choice  of brushed stainless steel, white metal  or chrome  - providing a design  and colour choice  for all washroom  environments in pubs,  restaurants, clubs,  hotels, shopping  centres, stations, educational facilities  and airports.
    The Autovend is extremely robust  and is resilient  to vandalism.
    The Autovend is a very simple  dispenser which allows many formats and product  sizes. It comes with a standard configuration of products such  as tampons, dental  hygiene and condoms amongst others. Our vending machines dispense leading brand named washroom hygiene products which customers know and trust.

    ●     A wide range of branded consumables
    ●     2 product choices per machine
    ●     Available in 1 or 2 columns
    ●     Automatic or hands-free  operation
    ●     Does not provide change
    ●     Manufactured in steel for extra security
    ●     Self-contained  - no mains wiring
    ●     Can be customised to incorporate company  logos & instructions
    ●     1 year manufacturers warranty.

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  11. sanitary napkin dispenser

    Sanitary Napkin Dispenser

    Our Sanitary napkin dispenser is manufactured in the UK and offers the dual vending market a practical machine with a sophisticated design. 
    This compact unit has been at the vanguard of the dual vending market for many years offering a winning blend of sound practicality with neat design. 
    It features secure, manual operation. The coin sorter within the machine is manufactured to facilitate easy price adjustments. This unit comes in ABS plastic l. It provides a perfect choice for all washroom environments. It does not require mains wiring or batteries as it works mechanically.
    It dispenses leading brand name consumables, which is a key selling-point for consumers.

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  12. Vending machine essentials

    Vending Machine - Essentials Multy Buy

    The Essentials washroom Multi vend is a classic within the vending hygiene sector and can provide up to 9 product choices, The Essential s Multi vend can be washroom wall-mounted and configured to dispense a wide range of leading brand name consumables, including breath fresheners, toothpaste and toothbrushes, chewing gum, tights and painkillers in your washroom. Price, coin and product changes can be reprogrammed using a simple internal keyboard.  The unit has a digital display which indicates price, availability, stock levels and service requirements. Contemporary and stylish in design, the Essentials Multi vend is available in a variety of finishes - ABS plastic, epoxy white steel and robust stainless steel. The Essentials Multi vend is also fully configurable.

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