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Urinal Mats

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  1. urinal screen

    Pack Of 10 Urinal Urinals Screens Mats Deodourizer - Blocks Replacement

    Washroom Urinal Deodoriser Lemon Fragrance 30 DAY Odour Control  (each individually wrapped)
    non-flammable,environment-friendly Urinal mats are specially engineered and impregnated with deodorizing compounds that are 200 percent stronger than traditional, vinyl urinal screens.
    Extreme flexibility allows the urinal screen to fit snugly on any urinal and the screens collect debris to stop it clogging up the drain.
    Unlike Urinal cakes and blocks... which will eventually clog up your drains; needing an expensive plumber call out.
    Design also offers a citrus-based fragrance, nonslip finish and anti-splash texture to prevent cross-contamination.
    Urinal screens are safe to handle and designed to last 30 days.
    Size: 17.5x17.5 cm
    weight: about 52g each Material: Soft EVA (won't crack,chip,peel or break)
    Ideal for most mens washrooms
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