Different Hand Drying Methods

In the past most people have opted for paper towels because they are considered much more hygienic. Material towels like we would use at home won't work because of the number of people using them - germs can breed on the towels and easily be swapped from person to person. However when you're using paper towels like this you need to consider landfill and just how much rubbish this could be generating.

One of the best alternatives to this is looking at eco friendly hand dryers. When you have hot or cold air hand dryers you don't have to worry too much about the spread of germs because there is no contact with people to spread these. However what you can also be sure of is that these are good for the environment and that you're not going to be filling landfill with piles of paper towels from your bathroom.

Buying a Set of Hand Dryers

Of course if you are looking at buying eco friendly hand dryers then one thing you will need to take into consideration is the cost. There are different hand dryers that you can buy and these all have their own price tags attached. That said, they are probably more to buy initially than a pack of paper towels. What you need to consider is that this is an investment and you'll get much better value for money  in the long run with electronic hand dryers.

Have a look at the different hand dryers that are on the market and read up on their features and benefits to make sure that whichever one you buy is the best one suited to your needs.