Changes to their shape have seen many include a bottom section to the dryer, so air can’t escape as easily, and dryers that you insert your hands into, ensuring more control over the drying and air allocation process.

It’s not just the user who benefits from faster and better hand dryers. Installing a hand dryer in your washroom facility can lead to the removal of paper towel dispensers. Dispensers are a key target for many acts of vandalism, due to how easy they are to break and take apart, so replacing dispensers with hand dryers removes the ability to ruin wall fixtures. As well as reducing the amount of things that can be broken, swapping dispensers for dryers can condense the amount of time spent cleaning. By minimising paper towel use, less can be scattered over sinks, the floor and in bins, nor used to clog up drains and toilets. Changing from dispensers to efficient hand dryers can save both money and time.

Similarly, hand dryers affect more than time and washroom cleanliness. Decreasing the amount of paper towels used helps to cut the amount of bathroom waste thrown away. Hand dryers aren’t only helping to save the trees either: some manufacturers, such as Bremmer Hand Dryers, specialise in creating models that are environmentally friendly, running on low energy to produce high results.

With hand activated sensors, cool air flows, and the option to have built-in air fresheners, hand dryers are becoming increasingly advanced, removing the need for any other option in the washroom. Different sensors, wall positioning and shape ensure that people can dry their hands at a comfortable and natural height.

Hand dryers don’t just achieve aesthetic cleanliness in the washroom: with different temperatures of air available, a faster stream, and the incorporation of blade hand dryers, the highest standard of hygiene can be reached. The single layer of air expelled by a blade hand dryer, in comparison to the jet stream created by the standard model, gives a more powerful, direct dry.

Hand dryers with these technological developments are no longer limited to the elite; regardless of where you are, and what your business is, there are models available to you that incorporate environmental consciousness, with quick drying times, at an affordable cost.

When hand dryers are available on the market that not only help reduce washroom cleaning, improve a building’s carbon footprint, while producing a hygienic dry for users, it’s an easy choice to make when you’re deciding on facilities to put in a washroom.