A 30 second drying time meant that many people walked away with damp hands and dissatisfaction. The improved drying time negated the need to wipe away remaining moisture on trousers and jackets making hand driers a much more popular option. Cost effective and practical hand drying solution for high use washrooms is available from FHD Online UK with their Bremmer Eco’ friendly range of automatic jet hand driers

However, it was discovered that the use of warm hand driers enabled bacteria to spread around the washroom. Again, fans were improved and the temperature of the atmosphere could be reduced. Bacteria were largely confined to the area immediately around the hand dryer rather than being showered over unsuspecting passers-by. Now you are able to purchase the Bremmer jet UV13 high speed automatic hand dryer which has a built in sterilizer that not only sanitizes the hands but the walls floors and ceilings as well by breaking down the cells of the bacteria and eliminating them. It also has a built in air freshener so it’s not only hygienic but makes your washroom smell nice as well.

Early commercial hand driers were operated through the use of touch buttons and typically ran for a set period of time, normally 30 seconds. Not only did this mean that the hand dryer was left running after use, in a lot of cases, but it also meant that microbes and microorganisms were spread via the buttons on the dryers. Later World brought out an automatic hand dryer which could sense a person’s hands and turned on and off accordingly, removing the need to touch the hand dryer.

Modern models are cost efficient,electric fast drying, eco-friendly dryers. Even those in a relatively low budget bracket can dry hands in 15 seconds or less while the more expensive options, like the innovative Dyson Airblade hand dryer or Bremmer UK AIRtwister reduces this to 10 seconds The added benefits of the jet AIRtwister is it’s only 70 Db so is a lot more quieter, Eco friendly, enjoyable hand drying experience.