Bremmer AIRtwister Prima Blade

Bremmer AIRtwister Prima
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These Bremmer blade hand dryers, with  muliple jets on each side of the blade, blasting past each other at a combined 648 km/h it dries in seconds. Includes antibaterial coating and HEPA filter. Built using Bremmer premium components. It also has a viewing window on the reservoir so it can be visually checked if its full (so it doesn't overflow).   Its revolutionary design relies on heating air with or without the use of a heating element (dependent on how warm your bathroom is)   and on a sensor on each blade to track precisely when hands are inserted or removed in the blue dry zone. 

Bremmer Hand Dryer Features and Benefits

  • 14 air jets on both sides dry your hands simultaneously
  • Uses 85 to 90% less energy
  • The high-speed motor saves energy using only 800 watts of power. The shorter drying time combined with lower power consumption saves money and massively reduces your carbon footprint. A conventional hand dryer uses about 2400W and takes 30-40 seconds to dry hands.
  • The Bremmer is also exceptionally quiet when compared with other leading brands in its class.
  • The Bremmer hand dryer has two infrared sensors that detects your hands from different directions simultaneously. This means it always starts when needed. A conventional hand dryer has only one sensor and can fail to detect hands properly.
  • Speed adjustment with power on/off switches and heater on/off switches give you greater control over the unit allowing you to save energy.
  • The reduced noise level makes the unit  enjoyable to use and less intrusive.
  • The HEPA filter protects against dust and dirt and a special antibacterial coating where you place your hands kills germs.
  • Throw out those paper towels. 98% cheaper than paper towels, NO disposal problems , NO blocked drains, NO landfill
  • Colours Available: Silver Grey or White   
    SPECIAL ORDER ONLY: Black, Red, Purple  
    Model:B2 /A Digital or B Standard
    FREE  5 or 10 Year UK warranty

Unlike many other hand dryers, the Bremmer collects any waste water ready to be disposed of later. No water on the floor, no slip hazard and no mess. The Bremmer hand drier is the hygienic, fast, efficient and stylish way to dry hands in any washroom.
To use the Bremmer, simply place your hands down slowly for 5 seconds almost dry, then up again for 5 seconds done!.
Available in silver grey and white other colours on request. The Bremmer is very easy to install and comes supplied with a UK power line and  steel mounting bracket that attaches to the the wall with four bolts/screws. The Bremmer then simply attach to the wall bracket. A UK power line included, means easy fitting to a new or existing powerpoint.


Safety Features

The Bremmer is packed with safety features - so you're safe in the knowledge that you're providing a solution that is reliable, safe and effective:

  • A timer automatically shuts the dryer off after a set period;
  • A temperature sensor stops the motor at temperatures over 70C;
  • The ESC (Electric Shock Free Circuit) senses humidity inside the unit and shuts off power when required;
  • The unit has a self-diagnosis function which monitors and reduces errors with a power monitoring circuit which shuts off the unit, if power input surges above or below 20%. The unit then notifies about the fault on the LED display.

Hand Dryer Servicing and Maintenance

Fitting, servicing and maintenance of the Bremmer are all extremely easy with an in built diagostic, informing you any fault, saving you time and money. It can be cleaned with a soft towel and warm water, with a little detergent if required. The units air filter needs to be cleaned from time to time.

More Information
Brand Bremmer Premium
Energy Cost Per User Per Year 42P Per User Per YEAR - 2018
Drying Time 7-10 Seconds
Noise Output 70dB
PCB Bremmer MX printed ciruit board
Operating Power 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.4 - 1.65 KW
Timing Protection 60 seconds auto shut off
Motor Type 800w Bremmer Brushed or Digital
Air Output Temperature 113 °F (45 °C) “ Ambient Temp. 68 °F (20 °C)
Circuit Operation Infrared Automatic, self adjusting
Heater_Element 900W, heater_thermal_protection=Auto Resetting Thermostat turns unit off at 85°C {185°,isolation=CLASS 1
splash_resistance IPX4
Nett_Weight 11 KG
Unit Size 300 mm W x 685 mm H x 220 mm
Material Tough ABS Plastic
Warranty 5 years - 5 years Parts, 1st Year Parts and Labour
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