Dryers For Schools

Dryers For Schools

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With the relentless increase of UK Schools applying for Academy status, the reformat of school structures or to be  precise the development of new builds has turned into a major event.

With these renovations comes the need to ensure that all new hand dryer hardware is energy efficient, feasible and fit for purpose.

Despite the fact that a hand dryer may appear to be just a little piece of the restructure, there are many contemplations that need attention to get the most appropriate unit available.

This information will lead you the exact way with regards to getting the most appropriate hand dryer for a school or advanced education building.

There are various issues to think about when choosing the proper hand dryers for your School.


Pre-school and infants are more susceptible to sound and may appreciate a more child friendly looking hand dryer.

Toughness and dependability

The age of the Children

Does school equipment tend to suffer from vandalism?

Low noise hand dryers may be essential

How close are the hand dryers going to be sited to areas at risk from noise disturbance?  Libraries, exam halls, classrooms etc

Reducing absence and improving wellbeing

Schools would benefit from hand dryers with improved sanitary properties to aid hand hygiene, as there is so much risk for cross infection resulting in absenteeism

Fast drying to get the job done quickly

Hand dryer hygiene is related to performance, as children won't wait around to dry their hands appropriately with an ineffective hand dryer.  Wet hands are breeding grounds for microorganisms, therefore fast drying is essential

Energy Efficiency

We need to teach our upcoming generations about the necessity to be energy conscious and invest in low emission apparatus. Energy efficient hand dryers also mean annual running costs are low, maximising school savings

You need to be able to show a positive return on investment.  Getting the most suitable hand dryer for your initial budget and quick ROI from energy savings made is a must.

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