Bremmer AIRpuremax Mini Blade

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  • HEPA Filter 
  • Extra wide for drying your arms as well as hands,
  • High speed series motor.~New design with impact body
  • Dries hands in seconds 
  • Clean and hygienic Energy ef?cient
  • Model: 2013W
  • FREE 2year UK warranty

Mini Blade Hand Dryer

Fast Dry dryer Mini Jet HIGH Speed Hand Dryer - AIR Blade Technology Drying System - 10 ... Hand Dryer Blade Style Commercial High Speed Hand Dryer

The Bremmer Wide Mini Jet Blade Hand Dryer in White is a powerful machine that is fast drying, low noise and of course, stylish. It's practicality and design make it one of the best compact blade hand dryers in the UK

More Information
Brand Bremmer Premium
Energy Cost Per User Per Year 40P Per User Per YEAR - 2018
Drying Time 7-10 Seconds
Noise Output Variable with High or Low settings
PCB Bremmer MX printed ciruit board
Operating Power 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.4 - 1.65 KW
Timing Protection 60 seconds auto shut off
Motor Type 500w Bremmer Brushed DC electric motor
Air Output Temperature 113 °F (45 °C) “ Ambient Temp. 68 °F (20 °C)
Circuit Operation Infrared Automatic, self adjusting
Heater_Element Variable Heater High or Low_thermal_protection=Auto Resetting Thermostat turns unit off at 85°C {185°,isolation=CLASS 1
splash_resistance IPX1
Nett_Weight 4.5 KG
Unit Size 284 mm W x 245 mm H x 141 mm D
Material Tough ABS Plastic
Warranty 2 years - 2 years Parts, 1st Year Parts and Labour
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